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Custom Fabrication

Unique & Customized Solutions
Manufacturing truck scales, railway scales and livestock scales is only on part of our fabrication versatility. Designed and built in-house Precision Scale can offer an array of custom weigh scales and peripheral equipment. Our creative and experienced design & fab teams can devise a solution for your unique and special applications – we can help you think outside the box.

Since 1963 we’ve provided hundreds of custom solutions for our customers, such as:

Unattended consoles
Solar packages
Scale houses

Catwalks, hand-rails
Tire rub-rails
Custom low-pro cart scales

Test weights
Cabinets & consoles
Foundation steel structures

Custom livestock scales, panels, gates
Twin-bridge axle scale systems
Tank / Hopper scale conversion kits


Scale Houses

Solar Packages

Catwalks and Hand-rails

Tire Rub-rails

Tension & Compression Loadcell Kits

Custom Low-Pro Cart Scales

Custom Test Weights

Custom Floor Scales

Portable Dynamometer Kits

Specialized Loadcell Kits

Heavy Duty Floor Scales

Remote Displays


Skirting Hooks

Tank & Hopper Scale Conversion Kits

Intercom Systems

Forklift Scales

Custom Platforms

Portable Solutions

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