9 Traits Of Awesome Engineers

Not only are engineers’ planners we also can be called “Project Engineers” with keeping the start and the finish of a project always in the forefront of our minds. We are doers, and “imagineers”. We are the types of people who see and create things out of nothing. Here are nine engineer traits that make awesome engineers possible.

1. Analytical

Engineers need to be able to evaluate situations, consider all the options, and determine how to make things work effectively. This includes finding ways to build better scales at lower costs, improving traffic flow to and from the scale, and installing utility systems that will last the lifetime of the scale.

2. Detail-Oriented

Engineering projects are made up of countless details. A tiny oversight could lead to cost overruns or an undersized scale. We must understand how the smallest parts of a project work and connect with each other to create sound, stable, and safe scale structures.

3. Excellent Communicator

Engineers interact with countless people every day, explaining complex concepts in ways everyone can understand. Knowing what your clients wants and needs are important. Being able to drill down the information and create the perfect scale is what we do best.

4. Always Curious

The field of engineering is changing all the time. Engineers must be open to exploring different options and learning new things, being able to present to our client’s innovations in an everchanging climate is something that we strive to be the best at.

5. Creative Is Our Middle Name

Great scales and other structures don’t just happen. Engineers imagine and design them. It takes a lot of creativity to develop amazing scales in remote places that will stand the environment and the test of time.

6. Logical Thinker

It’s one thing to possess unbridled creativity. “Dream it and it will Come.” Our Engineers must take it to the next level and use logic, strategy, and calculation to pull all the pieces together to bring their ideas to life.

7. Always Good With Numbers

Every scale project is backed up by math. Engineers do complex calculations to ensure your scale can withstand gravity and other powerful forces that will do their best to erode your scale structure. We utilize the best methods making sure that your scale will be the best for your company’s needs and the best on the market.

8. Problem Solver

Design projects involve solving problems. Scale engineers must figure out how to move traffic from one side of a natural or manmade barrier to the other and ensure a structure can withstand forces like frost and thaw, heavy rain, snow, and ice buildups, all the while making sure the scale is sturdy and functions well with the correct measurement of weight.

9. Always A Team Player

It takes many people to build and maintain scales. Being able to interact with all personality types is critical for success.

Want to learn how I can put these traits to work for you through Precision Scale’s in-house engineering services and project management services? Drop me a line at ssimpson@precisionscale.com, or call 1-800-831-5657 8:00 am to 4:30 pm MST.

Shannon Scott-Simpson


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