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Precision Scale offers many different types of accessories that are available with our products. From power supplies and scale tickets to ramps and high-end displays, we have the equipment you need to support your products.


Analytical Balances

For high precision weighing applications, Precision Scale carries a line of Balances that will weigh with an accuracy of up to 0.0001g or 0.1mg.


Balance / Lab Scales

Suitable for a range of applications, Precision Scale carries serval different types of balance scales available from some of the top brands.


Bench Scales

Used across almost every industry, bench scales come in many shapes and sizes and are well liked for their portability, convenience and user friendliness. Whether you’re shipping, checkweighing, portioning or counting, we have a scale that will suit your needs and budget.


Conveyor Belt Scales

Ideal for mining, quarries, gravel pits and recycling, belt scales are an efficient and accurate way of monitoring output.


Counting Scales

From warehouse and industrial applications to precious metals and coins, counting scales have a range of uses that allow you to stay on top of your inventory while saving you time. Precision Scale has a selection of counting scales that will suit every situation.


Gold / Jewelry Scales

Legal for Trade scales that are necessary for the precious metals and jewelry industries.


Hopper and Tank Scales

Whatever your application may be, Precision Scale can equip your tank, hopper, bin or silo with weigh modules and convert it into a precise weighing machine.



Precision Scale carries indicators from some of the top manufacturers in the industry. From basic read-outs to complete system automation, we have the right indicators to work in every situation.


Legal for Trade Scales

Meeting with government regulations is an important consideration when purchasing a scale. Precision Scale offers Legal for Trade scales that are suitable to a range of different industries and the information you need make sure that you’re meeting the requirements of Measurement Canada.


Livestock Scales

Whether you’re looking to weigh one animal at a time or many simultaneously, Precision Scale offers several solutions for weighing livestock. Single animal squeezes, load bars, and custom made weighing platforms are all available.


Load Cells

We have access to the largest selection of quality load cells from the top suppliers in the industry. Whatever the capacity or application, our sales team will help you find the best equipment for your needs.

Tension Meters

Load Volume Scanning

The Loadscan Load Volume Scanner (LVS) system utilizes laser scanning technology combined with proprietary Loadscan software to measure the exact volume of the material loaded in a truck or trailer bin. This system automates payload measurement and can be configured to suit your business.


Medical / Health Scales

Precision Scale offers weighing equipment for both personal use and use in the healthcare and medical industries.


Platform / Floor Scales

Widely used in warehouses and industrial settings, floor scales are a durable and efficient method of weighing heavy capacities in high volume. Precision Scale has floor scales from the top manufacturers and also offers Legal for Trade and custom floor scales.


Portion Control Scales

Portion Control scales allow you to easily and accurately control food quantities. Precision Scale has a range of options for both commercial and personal use.

Price Computing Scales

Used to calculate the selling prices for products based on weight, price computing or “retail” scales are a great way to save time and money.

Adventurer Precision

Cannabis Scales

Used to calculate both bulk quantities for large shipments in warehouses, and retail quantities and prices in commercial store fronts, scales are an important part of the newly legislated cannabis industry. Whatever your needs, Precision Scale has the products, information and knowledge to get your business up and running, and in compliance with government regulations.


Railway Track Scales

Legal for Trade Rail Scales that can be custom built and configured to work in a variety of different situations. Available in capacities up to 1,000,000 lbs.

Tension Meters

Tension Meters

Used for tensioning cable guardrails, guy lines and overhead wires, tension meters are the quick and efficient solution to getting the job done right the first time. The Dillon Quick-Check tension meter is the premier innovation in the cable tensioning industry, and can be placed on a cable, measure its tension, and removed in under five seconds.

Crane Scales

Used for overhead weighing and load measurement, crane scales and dynamometers are practical and efficient for a variety of weighing applications. Precision Scale carries crane scale products from the top manufacturers in the industry.


Remote Displays / Scoreboards

Many applications require additional or larger displays to be connected to the indicator/controller. Precision provides large scale displays and scoreboards that allow easy viewing of your information from a distance.


Truck Scales

Precision Scale has been manufacturing truck scales in Alberta since 1963. We engineer and manufacture our scales in-house, and have multiple configurations in our product line for weighing all types of vehicles including conventional rigs, off-road/mining trucks and articulated vehicles.


Unattended Systems

Precision Scale’s automated entry stations are the ultimate solution for truck in / truck out processing. Reducing processing time to under 30 seconds per truck, the PGSI Unattended System will save you both time and money.


Veterinary Scales

Specifically designed for weighing animals, veterinary scales compensate for movement and have a stainless steel platform for easy clean-up and wash down.


Wheel Loader and Excavator Scales

Used to get bucket weights on heavy equipment and loaders, these scales are a great way to measure output in gravel pits, mines and other settings. Precision Scale is an authorized Pfreundt dealer.


Waterproof Scales

For outdoor use, kitchen settings and many other applications, Precision carries scales that range from being water resistant all the way up to IP66 ratings for water and dust protection.


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