Understanding Scale Certification and What It Means to Your Company

According to Measurement Canada, which is an agency of Industry Canada, if your business operates in Canada it is required to ensure that the measuring equipment that is used in the trade and operations of your business is inspected and approved. Ensuring the accuracy of your business’s scales can help resolve investigations that may result from complaints received by consumers and businesses who believe that they were wrongfully charged due to inaccurate measurements. Because of this, it is crucial that the scales your business uses have undergone scale certification along with calibration and maintenance as necessary under Canadian law.

The Weights and Measures Act

Under the Weights and Measures Act, which covers measuring devices such as scales that are used for trade in Canada, the scales you use must meet Canada’s very strict guidelines. This means that, by law, your scales must be approved, inspected, and certified before you can begin to use them in the course of your business operations. Without approval and certification, you will put your business at risk of inaccurate measurements which can result in either lost profits or steep fines. To fulfill your business responsibilities, you must ensure that the proper measures have been taken for all of the scales that your business uses in trade and operations.

Staying in Compliance

To ensure that your scales are in compliance with the Weights and Measures Act, make sure that your business has certifies all of the scales it puts into use and that you have a valid inspection sticker or certificate readily available for each scale in operation. If you do not yet have such stickers or certificates, you can obtain them by having your scales inspected by the Measurement Canada staff or by an authorized service provider who can certify your scales for you.

When your business’s scales are inspected, the Measurement Canada staff or the authorized service provider that you choose will ensure that your scales are being used for their intended purpose, that they are properly installed and protected from interference from the environment, that they are used in a way that ensures accurate measurements, and that the scale will clearly indicate the accurate weight and/or measurement of the goods being weighed.

Protection Works Both Ways

While scale certification will protect your customers from over-paying due to scales that add measured weight to an item’s actual weight, it will also protect your company and its profits. Scale certification and continued calibration will ensure that your business isn’t losing money by facing hefty fines due to inaccurate measurements or lost profits due to scales that read under what the actual weight of the product really is.