Precision Vehicle Scale Foundation Featured ImageWith Tire Rub Rail

The vehicle scale foundation is a critical component of a vehicle scale. Precision Scale understands the need to minimize the costs of your vehicle scale. However, the last place to attempt to cut costs is the foundation. Attempting to cut costs for the engineering, and/or constructing the foundation usually results in cost overruns and project delays.

All in all, the attempt to save money results in more money being spent than originally budgeted. Our in-house engineering and project management services will ensure the foundation is designed and built properly. This includes temporary scale foundations.

Geotechnical Survey Is A Must

The first step step has to be a geotechnical survey. This is because different soil conditions require different foundation engineering. Therefore, your foundation has to be designed for the specific soil conditions for the exact location it will be placed on. Soil conditions can change dramatically in a matter of a few meters; therefore, a geotechnical survey of the general area it not sufficient.

In-House Engineering Ensures Accuracy

Having the ability to stamp our own drawings ensures your foundation will be designed properly. In addition to ensuring accuracy, having an in-house engineer will reduce lead times to get the drawings produced. Also, your engineering costs will be reduced by sharing the cost of the engineer with with other companies.

3D Drawings Are Part Of The Process

Our in-house drafts person will create a 3D rendering for your project. This will help you see the finished project during the planning stage. In addition to providing peace of mind, it will increase accuracy.

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