The right vehicle scale management software can significantly help business operations. Precision Scale can assist you with your business operations with the WinWeigh IV platform. The Wineigh IV vehicle scale management software addresses four key areas.

Cash Conversions

The most important benefit of a paperless transaction system is improved cash flow. This is a result of electronic transactions instead of paperwork. Paperwork means data has to be manually entered into your system. This results in delays, and creates the possibility of errors. Data entry errors lead to disputed invoices and payment delays. Not to mention the fact that waiting to receive the paperwork from the scale site causes delays in invoicing.

Lost Transactions

The biggest problem with paperwork is that it can go missing. Lost paperwork is more than a nuisance. It means time being wasted looking for it, audit NCRs, accounting errors, and potentially lost revenue. The WinWeigh IV vehicle scale management software will eliminate the possibility of lost paperwork. Data from the peripherals will be fed to the software eliminating the need for paperwork.


The WinWeigh IV platform will reduce, or eliminate the need for attendants. First and foremost the platform can be used for unattended systems. Having an unattended system eliminates the need for having an employee, or employees, on site. Secondly, if you have multiple locations, they can be managed remotely by a single person.

If an attendant is required on site, the platform will make their work more efficient. This is due to the need for manually entry being greatly reduced. As a result, an attendant can manage multiple transactions simultaneously. Simultaneous transactions allow for reduced wait times for customers. Reduced wait times improve customer satisfaction.

If required, a hybrid system can be created. The system will accommodate an attendant at certain times, and be fully automated during other times.

Inventory Write-Downs

WinWeigh IV can eliminate inventory write-downs a couple of different ways. First of all, it can control access barriers to prevent drivers from having the ability to bypass the scale. This can be controlled by an attended or unattended system.

Secondly, secure electronic record keeping eliminates paperwork. Eliminating the paperwork eliminates the possibility of it going missing; accidentally, or intentionally. Secure records prevents data from being intentionally altered.

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