Scales Throughout History

We at Precision Scale are always interested and invested in where our scale roots come from, and we are proud to display this beautiful piece of history right in our reception area. This precious scale was found locally, right in Edmonton. It was used for weighing honey and was originally purchased by Mr. Lee Roy Allen for his honey business. In addition to weighing honey, Lee also used the scale to weigh garden produce, as he was an avid gardener.

This scale is dated as early as the 1930s, an era where equipment was built strong and made to last. This distinctive piece is an important relic to show just how far we’ve come regarding technological advancements, and to show the importance of the preservation of history.

Lee Roy Allen passed this scale down to his son, Cliff Allen. Cliff, for many years, enjoyed the memories that accompanied this vintage scale. The family states that they are very happy to see the history and memories that this scale represents, preserved at our facility and living on as an important artifact to the scale community.

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