Steamer Trucks And CO2 Cleaning

Looking for a easy, mess-free way to clean your industrial scale? By using the power of CO2 dry ice blast cleaning as well as our steamer trucks, we’ll have your scale cleaner than it’s ever been! 

Lojen Vacuum Trucks

Services Available Separately From Scale Projects

Lojen Services offers a unique service to clean electrical generating equipment with the use of CO2. This form of cleaning can be used either the day before or day of installation, prior to the tech arriving. CO2 dry ice blast cleaning is an industrial cleaning process that can be applied to electric motors and generators effectively, safely, and faster than many other cleaning methods.

Benefits of switching to CO2 cleaning

• Completely dry process – no concern for moisture introduction or drying time.
• Removes years of contaminant buildup, carbon deposits and even the remaining grit leftover from previous cleanings.
• Eliminates the need for clean-up and reclamation costs associated with grit and solvent cleanings.
• Impact of the dry ice particles reaches into the nooks and crannies not accessible by hand.

Both cost-effective and environmentally safe

• Dry ice blast cleaning is fast, saving you time and money.
• Clean equipment without disassembly.
• Online cleaning eliminates downtime penalties.
• Extends the life of your equipment.
• Reduces harmful air emissions from the use of toxic chemicals.
• Reduces employee health risk and exposure to hazardous solvents.
• Minimizes secondary waste volume.

Precision Scale is proud to partner with Lojen Industrial Services for your truck scale project, contact Lojen for equipment and manpower for any project you may have.

Benefits From Partnering With Precision Scale And Lojen Industrial Services

Highly Qualified Technicians

All of our technicians have a trade including instrumentation, and electrician.

Western Canada Coverage

Our technicians cover all of Western Canada.

Measurement Canada

Precision Scale had the first Measurement Canada certified technicians in Canada.

Site Preparation And Maintenance

How To Contact Lojen Industrial Services

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