What You Need to Consider Before Buying Truck Scales in Canada

When it comes to logistics and transportation, safety is just as important as complying with Canada’s rules and regulations pertaining to how much weight any given truck can haul at a given time. Companies whose trucks pull into a weigh station carrying more weight than is allowed by laws and regulations may face fines, penalties, disruptions in transport, and other frustrations. Safety is significant consideration, as trucks that are carrying more weight than they are capable of hauling safely can be a danger on the road. This is why truck scales are so important in the logistics and transportation industries. Before investing in such an important piece of equipment, there are a few things you need to take into consideration.

What Type of Truck Scale Do You need?

There are different types of truck scales available, including axle load scales and full-length scales. Axle load models weigh one or two of a truck’s axles at a time. Full-length models weigh the entire truck at once. While axle load scales tend to be cheaper than the full-length variety, they are also more prone to error. Since errors in weight can lead to serious consequences, you should try to find a full-length model that is within your budget. Industrial scales can be quite expensive, and using a proper budget technique to discover what is best is key for success.

Full-length truck scales come in portable and permanent models. The portable models provide a low framework that needs to be placed on suitable surface, such as a concrete slab or level area of dirt. Ramps are then placed at each end of the scale for access. While portable scales tend to be more expensive, they are the best option if you need to weigh trucks at various locations. If, however, you only need to weigh trucks at a single location, then a permanent model would be your best option as they are more cost-efficient than the portable models and usually offer easier access.

Another thing to consider is whether you want a full electronic model or an electromechanical model. Most of the truck scales available in Canada today are full electronic models, although some electromechanical models are still available. While full electronic models tend to have a lower price tag than electromechanical models, they also tend to need more maintenance and repair. They are, however, also easier to work with than electromechanical models.

Deciding Which Scale Is Right for You

When purchasing truck scales in Canada, it is best to consider all of the above before making a final determination regarding which scale will best serve your needs. While most buyers will find that full-length, full electronic scales are best, the decision as to whether to purchase a portable or permanent model is will largely depend on how you plan to use the scale and the individual needs of your business. Some users know that for industrial scales, they have limited choice, and therefore need to make the best one.