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Each type of vehicle scale has been carefully engineered and are manufactured to exacting standards with lengths up to 180’, widths up to 20’ and capacity up to 500 tonnes. All scales we build have Measurement Canada Approval and can be certified legal-for-trade.

Built In Concrete (BIC)

Our BIC deck truck scales are the most common for long-term installations where concrete deck is preferred. The traditional and simple design of this work-horse ‘BigBeam’ profile uses the massive outer 24” wide-flange beams for its structural strength. The 6” thick concrete deck slab and 15mm rebar grid add to the structural integrity of the bridges and will provide decades of reliable weighments.

Built In Steel (BIS)

Our BIS is designed for conventional legal-load vehicles. It utilizes the same proven bridge design as our portable vehicle scale. Its flat-top profile makes it easy to clean and has top-access to the load cells and wiring. In most cases installation can be completed in two days from beginning to end – this is the main reason why our steel deck truck scales are the most popular units we sell. The BIS’ modular bridge design means you can easily add and ‘snap in’ bridges in the future if you require a longer truck scale down the road.

Portable Vehicle (PV)

The Portable Vehicle Truck Scale is the flagship of our Truck Scale product line. This Canadian made scale is designed for our northern climate. The Precision Portable Truck Scale is highly adaptable to different situations and is available in 3 standard lengths, as well as other custom sizes including custom widths.

Heavy Duty (HD)

Our heavy-duty vehicle scales are individually and specifically designed based on the type of vehicles to be weighed, size, weight and in particular the CLC (concentrated load capacity); this formulation is required to minimize bridge deflection on highly concentrated loads (axle groups). These scales are typically used for off-road and mining trucks as well as forestry trucks and articulated rock trucks.

Custom Scales

Another trait that distinguishes Precision Scale from other scale companies is that we offer custom solutions for special applications. We pride ourselves in thinking outside the box, and with over 150 years of technical know-how our design team can provide an innovative solution for your unique application; very few companies in North America can claim that.

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