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Often, due to a lack of understanding, technology is perceived as a “nice-to-have” if you can afford it. The fact of the matter is with current population and economic trends, investing in technology is a must-have. This is becoming especially true for vehicle scales. Here are three reasons you should take serious look at investing in an unattended scale system.

1. Persistent Scale Attendant Shortages

Canada’s pending retirement explosion will make recruiting scale attendants increasingly difficult for at least the next decade. This largely due to approx. 20% of Canada’s population retiring in the next ten years. Today, approx. 5,500 Canadians are retiring every week. Over the next ten years it will trend towards 6,000 Canadians retiring every week. In the 1970s there were 7 people of working age (age 20-64) for every person over the age of 65. In the 2030s (just ten years away) there will be 2 people of working age for every person over the age of 65.

2. Human Error

Human error costs your business money. These days you literally cannot afford these mistakes. There are two common errors:

  1. The first being the attendant forgetting to zero the scale. This results in an inaccurate weighment. This ultimately results in lost revenue.

  2. The second common error is the driver not positioning the truck correctly on the scale or “cheating” by having one or more axles not fully on the scale during the weigh in/out transaction. Again, an inaccurate weighment results in lost revenue.

3. Employee Costs

There are several direct and indirect costs associated with having scale attendants. Typically business owners and mangers look at salaries, benefits, etc. You also need to take into consideration cost of:

  • Building, maintaining, heating, and power for a scale shack
  • The use of a company vehicle for attendants to get to and from the shack
  • Vacation or sick days for the scale attendant
  • Time down while finding and training a new scale attendant
  • Multiple scale attendants if your site runs 24/7

The best way to minimize these trends impacting your scale attendant needs is to eliminate your need for scale attendants by implementing an unattended scale system.

Want a free analysis of how investing in an unattended scale can help your business? Contact one of our scale experts at, or call 1-800-831-5657 8:00 am to 4:30 pm MST.

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