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Vehicle Scales

A Legal For Trade (LFT) scale is a scale that has been approved by Measurement Canada to purchase or sell products based on weight, and has received an initial inspection by a certified technician. Click HERE to learn more.

There are six things you need to know when selecting a scale: 1)type of scale, 2) whether or not Legal For Trade (LFT) is required, 3) capacity required, 4) graduation required, 5) peripherals, and 6) whether or not software is required.  

Vehicle Scale Service

First and foremost an initial examination (inspection) is required prior to the scale being used as a LFT scale. Subsequent Measurement Canada examinations (inspections) frequencies vary depending on your industry. Click HERE to access a document published by Measurement Canada.

A LFT inspection is required by Measurement Canada for a scale to be used to purchase or sell product based on weight. A calibration is a process to ensure a scale is measuring accurately.  

There are five key factors including frequency of use, value of the product being weighed, and the conditions of the area the scale is located. Click HERE to learn more.

Any build up of debris, dust, product, or other substance will affect the accuracy of your scale. Click HERE to learn about how an inaccurate scale can hurt your business.