Precision Scale Vehicle Scale Peripherals

Vehicle scale peripherals are integral to the operation of a vehicle scale. Whether or they are a requirement or not depends on two things. First of all, it depends on whether or not a vehicle scale is legal for trade. Secondly, a peripheral’s requirement depends on whether a scale is attended, or unattended.

Radar Reflective Sensors

Radar reflective sensors are a switch that changes state when a vehicle approaches the scale and communicates the change to the indicator. Its purpose is to zero the scale prior to the scale transaction starting. The sensor utilizes a radar based signal that is aimed at the vehicles approaching the scale and when a vehicle is present, the radar signal is returned and the input to the indicator changes. They are mainly used in unattended systems since Measurement Canada regulations require the scale to be zeroed prior to the start of the transaction. They are also suitable for attended systems.


In a LFT (Legal For Trade) application it is mandatory that all of the readouts in the system read identical numbers. This is a MC (Measurement Canada) requirement. In a LFT application, annunciators must show Gross/NET and LB/Kg. This can be accomplished via the LED’s or through physical indications on the scoreboard such as decals. The scoreboard in the top right would not be acceptable for a LFT application as is does not show the annunciators. The bottom right scoreboard would be acceptable.

Traffic Lights

The purpose of the traffic lights are to control the traffic and send notification to the driver. Traffic lights can be used in both Attended and Unattended systems and can be controlled manually via the scale operator or through the technology.  The lights can be switched from a manual switch box in the scale shack, through indicators or from the automated kiosks. These lights are considered an option and are not mandated by Measurement Canada.  Due to safety factors, they are commonly added.


The vehicle scale indicator’s function is to manage all facets of the weighing operation in compliance with customer & Measurement Canada requirements. In Legal for Trade applications, there are strict requirements which if not followed and were audited by Measurement Canada could result in seizure of the scale and the possibility a reversal of transactions. Indicators can control external systems such as draw barriers, traffic lights, remote scoreboards or other devices. Their abilities today are far beyond where they were 5 – 10 years ago.


The kiosk is where the driver interacts with the scale. This peripheral is a key component of an unattended system.

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