Regardless if your vehicle scale will be attended or unattended, you will need a shack. Precision Scale will fabricate your custom vehicle scale shack to meet the needs of your vehicle scale site, your peripherals, your employees, and your clients. Your shack will be designed to save you money during construction, and with energy costs.

Designed To Provide The Best Value Possible

With the current cost of building materials, Precision Scale designs vehicle scale shacks that optimizes the use of the building materials. In addition to minimizing waste, our flat roof design reduces building material cost. Having a flat roof instead of peaked roof saves money in two ways. First of all a flat saves money by eliminating the need for trusses. Secondly, less surface area means less sheeting is required to construct the roof.

Energy Efficient Design Provides Energy Savings

Needless to say our climate is one of extremes. Our energy efficient design will be reduces costs to heat and cool the shack. Properly insulating your shack includes the use of an energy efficient low-e slider window. After all, it doesn’t make sense to insulate the walls only to have heat lost or coming in through the window.

Ready-To-Move Construction Process

Your vehicle scale shack will be completely fabricated prior to delivery. Only three things will be required when your shack is delivered. First and foremost the shack will be placed on the foundation. Second of all, the utilities are connected. Thirdly, the shack is set-up with all the peripherals.

Dedicated Critical Spares Storage Included

With current supply chain issues, having critical spares on hand is essential. Therefore, you shack will be designed with a dedicated spare area for your critical spares. This area will be custom designed to accommodate your specific critical spares.

Still have questions about vehicle scales? Want to start the process of fabricating your shack? Contact one of our scale experts at, or call 1-800-831-5657 8:00 am to 4:30 pm MST.