What Are The Signs Of A Scale Needing An Overhaul?

What Are The Signs Of A Scale Needing An Overhaul?

Sometimes it can be hard to see the signs that your scale needs an overhaul, in this blog post we will be exploring some of the indicators to look out for that may indicate that your scale is ready for an overhaul. One of the biggest factors that can affect how well a scale weighs is the wear and tear on the load cells and their mounts. Typically, the load cells and mounts will begin to show signs of wear with continued use of the scale, and this can affect the accuracy of your scale. Some other problem indicators to look out for:

  • Junction boxes loosely attached/missing bolts.
  • Cables hanging down unattached.
  • Broken or missing bridge bolts.
  • Major rusting.
  • Large cracks in the scale mount.

At first, looking at these symptoms may be overwhelming and may even have you questioning if you’re in need of a repair or even replacing your entire scale. However, overhauling your scale can solve all these problems, bringing your scale back to life and working with accuracy at a fraction of the cost.

Want to learn more about how overhauling can improve your business? Contact one of our scale experts at sales@precisionscale.com, or call 1-800-831-5657.


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