At Precision Scale we pride ourselves on being thorough. With our vehicle scale service you can expect:

  1. Visual inspection for binding under and along the sides of the scale from dirt, debris, or snow skirting, and or damage to the scale

  2. Check alignment of scale supporting links on the mounts

  3. Check for free movement of scale

  4. Check that scoreboard reads if you put weight on scale and that it matches the indicator

  5. Pull truck on to check the sections of the truck scale to make sure the sections are reading within 2-3 grads based on weight applied adjust sections as needed

  6. As you drive the truck through the sections this will give you an indication if a load cell has failed

  7. Check scale for repeatability with truck to make sure that the scale reads consistently when weight of the truck is applied.

  8. At this point we will place the weights from the truck on the scale at one end or another this may vary based on repeatability or wind direction to block the wind.

  9. Test the scale up to 10000kg and calibrate as needed this may need to be done a few times based on type of indicator

  10. If a strain load is available, we will have it applied to the scale to check the scale at higher limits where we will take the known weight of 10000kg off the scale while the strain load remains and check that it goes down by 10000kg only

  11. Make any recommendations and observations known to the customer to assist with accuracy and maintenance

Use our custom calculator below to determine the return on investment (ROI) you will receive from our service.